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It has been a while since I updated the site.  I have added a new tune or two to the collection below.  I hope you enjoy them...

Rock of Ages by Rita Baloche - I recorded this soundtrack for a friend who was presenting the song to a church congregation.  This track was build from several software packages.  First, I used Band-in-a-Box to get a groove.  I like Band-in-a-Box to get things going, but I am not always real happy with the rigid feel of the phrases.  Once I get the basic structure in place, I start layering on parts by playing them from other sources.  The drums in this piece were overlaid from an Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine.  The guitars are played from my notebook computer which was running RealGuitar (awesome! awesome! awesome!).  The strings part is something I played using the Roland Fantom.

My Saviour's Love (How Marvelous) - This is one of my more recent arrangements.  I had purchased an SRX-06 Complete Orchestra expansion module for my Roland Fantom and was playing around with the sounds to see what fun I could have.  I might have gotten rather carried away with this one, but I love the epic feel of the strings and brass.

Sing to the King - I love my G-70 keyboard!  It let's me play music I thought I'd never be able to arrange!

I Give You My Heart - This is another piece that was recorded using only the G-70 keyboard.  The style is an accoustic style that is native to the G-70 keyboard.  I played the piano solo while the realtime arranger interpreted the chords I played and performed the backing. 

Wonderful Merciful Savior - I love this track!  The G-70 helped to create the basic groove of the piece, but the real hero in this track is RealGuitar.  The strummed acoustic guitar is so life-like.  The intro and the ending are all compliments of the G-70.

Christmas Time Is Here - Thisis a sound track I arranged for Calvary Baptist Church several years ago.  The worship leader at the church needed an orchestration for the church orchestra of an arrangement he had heard at First Baptist of Orlando.  The arrangement at First Baptist of Orlando was written by one of the musicians there.  The worship leader at Calvary Baptist Church only had a recording for me to use.  It took about two weeks to get the arrangement sequenced out.  This recording is a re-mix I did about a year later.  The recording was made in one take.  The sounds are all from the seven sound modules and keyboards I use.  Some of the string parts were layered between three keyboards to give them a more rich feeling.  The live performance by the orchestra turned out awesome!

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